A contest in the Facebook fan page of Red Fox entitled, "Red Fox Moment" was dragged intro controversy after accusations of cheating was thrown at each of the contestant by one another. A contest entry made by Edward Ibarra was alleged to have been using bogus Facebook accounts to increase its entry's likes on Facebook.

Another entry made by Lily Roselle Ramos Bartlett, the leader entry with 1,375 likes had also been accused of using bogus FB accounts in order to increase their likes. Ibarra's entry is currently at second with 658 likes.  Well since the price is a 1020i Netbook then expect things like this to happen as people become so emerged and focused on winning the contest.

However, based on careful analysis the entry by Ibarra has more suspicious FB likes consisting of more than 50 consecutive FB likes from accounts who don't have a photo nor information with them.

Based on one of the contest rules which is also unclear the top contender might be in danger. One of the rules says, "The person in the photo may not be you, as long as you tag the person in the photo and he/she must be in your friend list." If this will be interpreted thhen the photo should either be you or that of your friend and you should be able to tag him. Thus, the person in the photo should have an FB account.

The administrator of the Red Fox face book page had already issued a statement regarding the controversy.
" Please note that we will not tolerate cheating on the Red Fox Moment contest. We will definitely look into the claims of supposedly bogus accounts while taking into consideration the validity of each and every "like" for the entries. These are things that we cannot control, and we request all members to practice the values of integrity, trust and respect in the community.
In addition, we would not tolerate constant accusations of cheating and trolling on the page. Our contests are created with the intention to promote community-building and fun. We may not be able to ban repeat offenders, but we can report you to Facebook admins as abusive users.
With regards to those claiming that our advertisement on Facebook is misleading or a scam, our apologies, but it was never our intention to mislead people. Due to the limitations on space and charater number, we cannot put the full mechanics on the ad. If you will notice, all promotions on Facebooks ads will tell you to "like" their pages as this is the first step in being eligible for any contest they have. We have constantly announced and posted the mechanics of the contest to make sure that new visitors will see right away that we are running a contest."
The controversial contest and page can be accessed HERE. Well I admire the administrators for being strong amidst this controversy and hope that everything will work out fine.

The contest is still running so you can also submit your photo and begin the quest for getting all the likes for your photo. Remember you have to be on top to win.

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