What's It Like to be Justine Bieber?

Posted by David D'Angelo | 6/16/2010 04:44:00 PM | | 0 comments »

I saw a vide on Perez Hilton's website on one of Justine Biever's concert, entitled "What's It Like Being Justin Bieber???" The video was taken from a camera of one of the guitarists in the concert. Seeing the view from the stage is one magnificent thing. If I were Justine Bieber and I am in front of those thousands of fans that would either feel great or I would feel really nervous.

Justine Bieber had been one of the most popular singers today and is in fact one of the youngest. Girls definitely had a go for him as well as those that are homos. Well, why wouldn't they? Justine Bieber is 100% cute and hot.

Now here's the video, watch it and feel like Justine Bieber.

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