World Cup 2010 Trivia: Football vs Soccer

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While posting about FIFA World Cup 2010, my eldest son John Dwight insisted that what I was posting and watching was soccer and not football. This is the beginning of the battle, Football vs Soccer.  I insisted that it was football since FIFA was a football federation. We had some discussion and then we found out that both of us are correct at some point.

The game's original name was actually football. However, football does not refer to a single game but rather to several team sports of similar origins which in some way has one basic rule, "deliver the ball to a goal and score."

The most popular among the types of football is called "association football" or to distinguish it from others is called "soccer." When you refer to the term football it is understand that you refer also to soccer, thus soccer and football are one and the same.

Football however when it comes to some countries refer to the most popular type of the game in that particular country. For example in the United States, "football" refers to "American football" where players do have game suits and in order to score you have to carry the ball and bring it into the "touchdown zone."

Other localized or variations of football includes "gridiron football," a name associated with American football and Canadian football; Australian rules football; Gaelic football; Rugby league; Rugby union; and other related games. These variations are known as "codes."

The most popular competition in the world of football is the World Cup which is currently being held at South Africa. The World Cup started in 1930 and among the teams that have played, the most popular are Brazil, Italy, and England.

The rules governing football was made in England in 1863 by the Football Association and the name "association football" was coined to distinguish it from other games. Later on it was identified as soccer but the most popular trend now is just to call it football.

The term soccer first appeared in 1880 as an Oxford "-er" abbreviation of the word "association". This was associated to former England Captain Charles Wreford-Brown. Today the sport is known just as football and is accepted worldwide. In countries where there are other forms of football, it is referred to as soccer. Of the 45 national FIFA affiliates in which English is an official or primary language, 42 use football in their organizations official name (only Canada, Samoa and the United States use soccer).

FIFA, the sport's world governing body, defines the sport as association football in its statutes,[54] but the term most commonly used by FIFA and the International Olympic Committee is football.

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