It seems that Facebook Zombies, Dummies or Fake accounts are on the rise. Just today I joined a legitimate contest from MyPhone, a really good contest. I thought that it would be fair but then people with dummy accounts started to accumulate about 300 likes in a matter of less than an hour. Are we just bitter?

I don't think so. I have never been bitter in such contests. If you look at these accounts each of them have the same friends who likes and also at the same order. The owner says that there is an agreement between her three friends to get 100 friends each and for them to like all 3 entries. This is a reason that only amateurs would believed.

I would like to share this post on "How To Detect Dummy Facebook Account?" since it would be helpful to everyone.

1. Private profile: First thing that you will notice about bogus account is that they always be a private profile. Keep their activity off the prying eyes of the public.

2. Short Full Name: Bogus account usually have short names like Jef Uy, Al Co, Dee Dy and other names to that effect.

3. Similar Friends: Like what I mentioned above, they tend to have their own circle of friends.

4. Fans of pages that usually conduct contests: When you check bogus accounts, they're usually fans of pages that are always promoting products through contest, more often than not their friends are also fan of the same pages.

There are lots of ways how a bogus/dummy account holder use these hundreds if not thousands facebook accounts, they can either saturate all contestants by clicking all of them, there by making forfeiting the contest or making it hard for the admins of the page to choose the rightful winner or worst sabotaging the game/contest. Second, of course you can LIKE your entry for a sure win. Then there's also becoming a fan of a certain fan page.

Thanks to for this important piece of information!

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