High School of the Dead is a new anime airing on Anime Network and based on the High School of the Dead episode 1, it seems to be a pretty cool anime. The story seems to be okey though it is typical of zombie movies. The scenario is very similar to that of Resident Evil.

The episode starts with normal students at school then all of a sudden someone knocks on the school gate. That person at the gate turns out to be a zombie and everything starts from there. The P.E. teacher got bitten and it spread in the whole campus.

Takashi was the fist student to see the incident and he invited his friends Rei and Hisashi to get out of the school. Howver on their way out they were attacked by zombies. They decided to go to the rooftop and there they saw that the whole city had been affected by a "zombie disease."

I would not be making my ratings just yet because I cannot based the entire series based on this first episode alone. Certainly however, this anime is not for very young kids. It shows some skin including underwear and well some explicit parts too (though not exposed). The rating of High School of the Dead is at R-13.

Here is the First Episode of High School of the Dead... enjoy and share your feedback as well.

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