The hype is officially on as the 2010 FIFA World Cup Finals, Spain vs Netherlands begins now. Spain and Netherlands will square off each other for the most prestigious title in football, the World Cup championship title. (Watch the Netherlands vs Spain World Cup 2010 finals live stream here)

Spain and Netherlands are tied in their head to head matches, each winning 4 games. In terms of player superiority, Spain is ahead since most of its players either come from Real Madrid or Barcelona.

The 2010 FIFA World Cup finals will also feature two great players, David Villa and Wesley Sneijder. This will indeed be a very interesting match. I was never a fan of football until this year and I am really planning to save money and go to the next World Cup in 2014 which happens in Brazil.

Anyway folks, I will leave you at that and together let us watch the finale... the 2010 FIFA World Cup finals, Netherlands vs Spain... CLICK HERE TO START WATCHING THE LIVE STREAM.

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