Music and Songs from Queen Seon Deok (Love this story!)

Posted by David D'Angelo | 7/28/2010 01:09:00 AM | , | 1 comments »

Relieve the memories of Queen Seon Deok all over again in the following songs and music video. It is sad to say that in the Philippines this great epic will soon come to an end. There are 11 more episodes to go and we will bid goodbye to Queen Seon Deok.

Here are the songs and music from Queen Seon Deok...

Queen Seon Deok OST - Balbambalbam

Queen Seondeok OST 2. 유리잔 [Crystal Glasses]

Queen Seon Deok o.s.t. Yesong - Wind Flower

Queen Seon Deok- ost- Angels Brought Me

Queen Seon Deok OST: Come, People of God

Queen Seondeok PST - Moon

Queen Seon Deok - Hanul Nari

I hope you do enjoy the video and music from one of the series we all love the most, Queen Seon Deok.

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