I never imagined that a movie like Toy Story 3 will make me burst in tears. It was a movie full of fun and laughter but at the same time its moral lesson is so heartwarming and deep. The third installment of the story between Woody, Buzz Light Year and his gang came to the point where Andy had to go to college and the fate of the toys were in the balance.

Andy was about to put his toys in the attic except for Woody who will go to College with Andy. Woody is the favorite toy of Andy. Suddenly his sister called her and the toys in a trash bag were thought to be trash by Andy's mother. The toys were then thrown in the trash stock but luckily they managed to get out and decided to go to Sunnyside Day Care and get donated because they thought Andy did not want them anymore.

Woody knowing the truth tried to convince everyone but no one would believe him. Everyone went to Sunnyside Day Care and met Laxxo, a very huggable and cute bear. Woody decided to go back to Andy alone and there he encountered the realities of the day care and the story behind the bear.

It started the adventure of finding the real purpose of toys, getting back to Andy and staying together for one another. When Andy in the end decided the fate of his toys, Woody decided to go with the rest. This is the part where I like the most because it is very emotional.

Here are my ratings for Toy Story 3...

  • STORY: 10
  • DEPTH: 7
  • MUSIC:6

Though I like the story I would admit that many of the original characters were being missed in Toy Story 3 and the story behind them leaving is not clear. The music is also lacking and should have been made better as well.

As for Visual Effects, the effects remain pretty much the same so I have it a 6.

The moral lesson of Toy Story 3, well there are a couple of moral lesson; first, no matter what happens always stand united and no matter how difficult the problem seem to be it will work out fine, and second, those who love you will never ever hurt and leave you.

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  1. Anonymous // August 8, 2011 at 11:45 AM

    i love it .. :))

  2. Anonymous // November 21, 2011 at 12:58 AM

    You have many run-on sentences in your review. Consider revising your work. Also, the name of the bear is not Laxxo.