An Asus Gadget Worth Having

Posted by David D'Angelo | 8/20/2010 05:49:00 PM | | 0 comments »

I have seen the unraveling of this Asus mystery product from a mere photo teaser, to the revelation of its Android 2.2. OS and then now to a more detailed presentation of its specifications. The Asus gadget which measures about 9-inches is a mobile computing device and gadget that will surely allow its owners to access information and internet on the go.

The 9-inch Asus gadget which Asus said will be released during the fourth quarter of 2010 will give users Internet Access, Social Networking Access, and E-mail Access. The gadget will also have 1.3 megapixel camera which also acts as a webcam.

Connectivity? Well it can connect via Wifi and 3G. So if you will go to a mall or somewhere you can enjoy internet for free through an accessible hotspot.

The screen size is also good since this gadget provides 8.9’’ LED Backlight WSVGA Screen. If I have the extra money, I would surely be the first one to check on an Asus store and get this product as soon as it comes out.

This product is good to own and also for sure a great gift for someone you love and treasure this Christmas 2010.

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