Today I entered my Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty guess pass key and it went it. I am all smile when the screen flashed the download button for the trial version of Starcraft II... and then it appeared and started downloading.

Upon gazing at the monitor I saw that I am about to download a 6.99Gb file and it will take me about 50 hours to download it. I waited to see any possible improvement but then realized that it is impossible to download it.

Frustrated with downloading Starcraft II online, I tried the World of Warcraft free trial. The first two downloads are okey and proceeded well... and then the main installer and download began. It was about 4.6Gb and would took about 20 hours to download.

I decided to just stop and forget about these downloads. Well if there is one thing I have to say... this internet connection still sucks when it comes to downloading huge files like these games.

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