I discovered Infolinks while guest writing for another blog and I had been curious to find out about it. I was adamant at first to place it on my blog because it might turned out to be an annoying add-on. However when I did put it and installed it, it made my blog richer in additional content because of Infolinks highly relevant contents and links. I was also happy to see that earning from Infolinks is quite easy.

The earning threshold is just $50 and if your blog has high traffic I am sure that you can earn it in less than a month. The blogger/publisher support of Infolinks is also very kind and approachable plus this is the only advertising site that hosts a contest and cares so much about its publishers. Signing up is easy, installing is even easier and earning is quite easy as well.

These whole process and the overall aura of Infolinks makes me happy as a blogger/publisher. Now, Infolinks asked me, "What would make me happy?"

In my previous blog article I wrote about playing Starcraft II on the ASUS N61Jv-X2. That is my ultimate dream as a blogger. I am a blogger who wants to expand my horizon by being able to play games like Starcraft II and soon Diablo III and more then write about it. The best way to do that is to own a brand new ASUS N61Jv-X2.

As of now I only own a laptop which I purchased from a sale at a mall. It is not high-end but a beginners laptop. I can't even play online games nor computer games here except for Plans and Zombies and Facebook games.

The ASUS N61Jv-X2 will enable me to play more games, create astounding videos and of course watch movies. The high definition sound of this laptop coupled with a great NVidia video card and a great processor speed is something that a blogger and a gamer dreams to own.

So there you go... This is why I love Infolinks and this is what will make me happy. I hope that this will come true soon. A brand new ASUS N61Jv bundled with Starcraft II and other games would definitely be an overwhelming gift.

By the way thanks Infolinks for the Newsletter you sent me via my email because if not for that I would not have known about the contest. By the way I also blogged about the Infolinks Dream On on my other blog, "The Products Blog".

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