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There is nothing permanent in this world except change. If you want to enjoy life then you must accept the fact that change or "Pagbabago" is always part of it. However, of all the changes there is one should always aim for the positive change... a change that will create something better or create a better person within yourself or within others. This is my story of change and how Goldilocks had been a part of it.

Life had not been very kind to me. When I was born way back in 1977, I never had the chance to see my father since he died in a car accident. Later on my mother died when I was five years old and never really got the chance to feel her love and care. I was lost and did not know what to do or who to hold on to. I have a grandmother but it seems she blames me for what happened to my mothers.

During my early days whenever I feel sad I would go to the nearest Goldilocks place and buy something to eat. I find their food quite delicious and tasty, especially Goldilocks' cakes. In most of those times that I am alone and thinking about my life and what to do with it, the sweet escape provided by Goldilocks made me forget about my problems.

I have to study hard to please my grandmother. I have to endure every problem in my life alone and to learn all of it the hard way. At that time, I hate the world and I tend to hate people because I cannot accept that they are happy and I am not. To all of that Goldilocks had been the deaf witness.

Then one time during fourth year high school I was chose to run as student council president in our school. I was not popular and I have no chance to win but my friends and classmates told me that if I only trust myself and become confident I can win. I asked myself, "How can someone who's anti-social serve others?"

The campaign proceeds and I get the chance to talk to people, learn about their problems and see life in a whole new perspective. I discovered that there all people have problems and some of them are even bigger than what I have.

I won the elections and became the student council president. I had served them well and fought for their rights. I have served the way that my previous self would not have done or would have not chosen to do.

That is only the beginning for up to this day I continue to serve and as I look back at that day I always remember the fact that it will only take one life changing experience to make you see the right path in your life. Today besides being a blogger and a new media writer, I am also an environmentalist and a peace and human rights advocate. I am also a single parent raising three cute and lovable kids. Learning from experience, I always put high regards for service to others and to country above self in whatever I do.

I am thankful that Goldilocks had been part of it and to this day, my family and I still love Goldilocks.

Perhaps now you know who the kid in the photo was... he was my eldest son, John Dwight D'Angelo and at a young age he knows how to be strong and matured.  I always share my stories with him and of course... Goldilocks too!

This is my story of "Pagbabago" and I hope it can also inspire and help others to see that life is beautiful.

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  1. David D'Angelo // September 30, 2010 at 5:14 PM

    Thanks! I also hope that I would win and well use the prize to further my blogging in inspiring others.