My lens might not be perfect and I might miss some better and good blogs out there but so far I have decided to come out with the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2010 and submit this to the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2010 Writing Project. I hope through this small contribution these blogs will be inspired and continue with what they have started.

I would also like to thank all of those who continuously support bloggers specially the new and emerging ones. These people exert time, effort, perspiration and talent just to come up with a quality blog post and hope that people on the net will be glad to read about them.

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So without further ado here are the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2010 according to MY LENS:

1. Blog Watch ( - I first met Noemi during a speaking engagement for Nicanor Perlas at the University of the Philippines late 2009. The Maguindanao Massacre was very fresh in the minds of Filipinos and Noemi was there to get the side of Nicanor Perlas regarding it. I was impressed because she made the time to interview all the candidates even someone which most of the media at that time considered as unimportant. Blog Watch had become a blog which shows the power and capability of citizen journalism and shows the possibility of creating a genuine new media alternative that could match the mainstream media.

2. Manila Fitness ( - Pinoys are health conscious and fitness buffs and Manila Fitness provides an avenue where Pinoys can read information regarding how to keep themselves fit. It is hard to maintain a fitness blog and it takes genuine knowledge in it to really be credible. Ginger and Manila Fitness proves that they can genuinely cater to the needs of people who really cares about staying healthy and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

3. Generously Greedy ( - Looking for online contests? the latest sales? latest promos? or practically anything wherein you can save? Then you should explore this blog. Lowell Aguirre's ingenuity and resourcefulness in scouting for all of these information had given great happiness and a lot of help to many "tipid fanatics" out there. Pinoys are known to be thrifty that is why we have the so called "tawad" system when we buy in the market or even in Divisoria. I am also glad that though the blog makes use of the word greedy... it add generous to the phrase... it just means share your blessings and share what you know.

4. Jay.eLx ( - Movies, restaurant and food are the niche of this blog but more particularly you can find good and informative of the latest movies in this blog. Jay El Santiago had succeeded in creating a blog where people can browse and check whether a movie is worth watching or not. He also succeeded in really making a profit out of blogging.

5. Mapanghingi Ka Ba? ( - "Mapanghingi Ka Ba?" captures another Pinoy chyaracteristic of always looking and asking for freebies. The blog features every sort of promos and contest and sometimes, they also sponsor their own contest. Richard Mamuyac in this blog captures the heart and motivation of the common Filipino and for sure most of us would agree that we are "mapanghingi".

6. m3cliks ( - This blog offers a unique perspective on photography. It is a photo blog but it does not only shoots photos about events but creates interest on subjects which otherwise would not have been interesting in the first place. The site and the photography creativity of the two authors of this blog deserves a recognition in my Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2010.

7. SM City Marilao ( - SM City Marilao had been one of the few SM Malls which started a dedicated blogging portal.  The blog of SM City Marilao talks about the latest promos and events about the mall.  It had become a place for genuine interaction between the Mall and those who want to experience not only shopping but other events and advocacy as well.

8. ( - Although I hope that Jayson comes out with a cool name for this blog, I would say that his blog posts shows the beauty of life and how he became the living testimonial that success is possible if you only think like a winner.

9. The Products Blog ( - I know that some will raise an eyebrow since this is my blog but for me, I have yet to see a blog which features about products and includes a review that stays objective even if some of them are indeed sponsored. Besides reviews "The Products Blog" also shares freebies, contests and promos online as well as consumer tips and warnings so that everyone will be empowered as a consumer.

10. Me, Myself and I ( - A personal blog which shows how a non-blogger and precious non-writer can be inspired and become someone who can be a good blogger. Mei Santiago's blog captures her unique personality and her jolly nature. Her blog posts shows her emotions and her social prowess as a person. This blog can make your day complete.

So there goes my Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2010, you can comment, you can agree and you can even disagree about my choices but the thing is these are based on my own opinion and perspective. I won't argue but I just want to tell everyone that these 10 blogs above deserves to be given due credit.

Thanks and good luck to everyone1 Whether you are on the top 10 or bottom 10, don't worry because what matters is you do your best in what you are doing.

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