I Simply Love ASUS!

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We have used ASUS video cards and CD Roms before and I had also seen my friends use ASUS Eee PC and when you ask them what they have to say about it they would simply say, "I Love ASUS!"

ASUS is not perfect, but who is? Some would go on to the ASUS Facebook page and rant about their product as if ASUS is the meanest company ever. The thing is customer related problems occur in all companies. Even the much coveted Apple iPhone 4 has problems and it was admitted after about 3 million units were sold worldwide, and for me that is mean.

With ASUS, I have seen how a company cares for its customers. ASUS is one of the few companies which values new media and us bloggers, they also support gamers and perhaps Cosplayers too. The corporate social responsibility and customer interaction of ASUS is way better than most of their competitors.

I admire the ASUS Eee PC products because they are very light weight and also boost a very high battery life. In fact the usual battery life of an ASUS Eee PC goes from around 4 hours to as much as 11 hours. ASUS also enhances user experience by creating a very user friendly keyboard with its laptops and netbooks.

How about the price? There are those which will say that ASUS products are very expensive. The fact is you pay real value for your money. ASUS quality assurance is topnotch and is recognized worlwide and when they say that the product contains that feature and it is of that quality then you can be assured that they are true to what they say. Of course there are factory defects and there are human error in things like this but the fact is with ASUS you can breath easier.

ASUS also has the most vibrant product line from desktops, to monitors, to laptops, netbooks, bags, computer accesories and more. ASUS is also the only company which was recognized as a legitimate partner of Lamborghini. It is also the only company with a distinct gamer support through the ASUS Republic of Gamers.

I love ASUS! If you love ASUS as well then come and join the ASUS Philippines Facebook page... you can also be part of the ASUS Official Page.

Here are some articles about ASUS that is worth reading:

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  1. Anonymous // March 19, 2013 at 2:00 AM

    Gosh it's so beautiful.
    I hope they make a Republic of Gamers model!