Today is My Birthday! Thanks for greeting me today...

Posted by David D'Angelo | 10/16/2010 06:08:00 PM | | 0 comments »

Today I am celebrating my 33rd birthday and though there is no big party and no big celebration I am happy and contented. I got many greetings from my friends, in fact as of now I have received more than 160 greetings from Facebook. It was in fact the most number of greetings I have ever received online since I became a netizen way back in 1994.

If there are greeting that touched me online that would be the personal drawing that Rio Rose Magpayo gave me and another personalized Kakuzu Happy Birthday from Jerry Santos. I do value every greeting and I make sure that I reply to all of them however there are those that I am touched to see make an extra effort.

One Facebook friend even send me his video singing Happy Birthday. Thanks Cecil James Roth!

I really appreciate all the greetings that I received online and offline. These made me aware that indeed I do exist and I matter as well to the people I care about.

Thanks everyone!

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