Gulliver's Travels is a film which was based on the Children's Story about a man named Gulliver and his adventures in the Kingdom of Lilliput. Jack Black is playing the main character and is known as the head of the mail room. His behavior and happy-go-lucky personality made him stuck in the mail room for more than ten years until events suddenly turns different. His misfortune and adventure results in a travel to the Bermuda Triangle where he eventually landed on the island where small people live.

From an outcast as a beast Gulliver became a hero as he saves the kingdom from destruction. With his new found fame Gulliver told lies about him including him being the President of the United States and Yoda is his Vice President. General Edward, which has interest over the Princess and is an enemy of Gulliver's new found friend Horatio started to plot against him.

The film is definitely funny but compared to other comedy films I will say that it had not been very effective in serving its purpose as a comedic film. The moral lesson of the film which I believe is believing in yourself and telling people the truth had been effectively carried out in the film.

Gulliver's Travels is based on the 18th-century novel of the same name by Jonathan Swift. During the movie it also show the land of the giants called Brobdingnag ("the island where we dare not go"), a place also described in the book. In contrast to the book the film takes place in the modern era.

Here are my ratings for Gulliver's Travels:

  • STORY: 5
  • . I find the story a little too shallow and common.
  • . Jack Black is a good actor but other actors in the film could have performed better.
  • . Very coherent.
  • DEPTH: 4
  • . The film again is very shallow and lacks a deeper exploration of human emotions.
  • MUSIC: 6
  • . Full of common music.
  • . Except for the size alteration and the robot there is no big visual effect on this film.
  • . I would say that this film is very popular considering the fact that this story is being told worldwide.
  • . A good family movie and there is no harm in watching it/
  • TOTAL RATING:  71.25%

Gulliver's Travels stars Jack Black, Emily Blunt, Jason Segel, Billy Connolly, Catherine Tate, Chris O'Dowd and Amanda Peet as Darcy Silverman and is distributed by 20th Century Fox.

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