We are living in dangerous times ahead. The ice caps are definitely melting at a faster phase than ever before. What can we do to save the environment? Sound boring? Well, it would be more boring if we would live encased in protected houses with a scarce supply of water and many lands extinct if we do not do something. That is why we should alter space our world. Isn't that a game?

If you think it is a game, well you are indeed correct. Alter Space is the 1st Filipino environmental awareness game on Facebook. It is not only a game but also contains tons of educational information and fun ways to learn about how to save our planet.

Alter Space however, will not be successful if we will not be doing the most important part of the equation. For my dear readers here are two questions which we will be answering in this article: First, how can we help preserve the environment; and second, what can we do to encourage other people to preserve the environment?

Notice that I do not use the term "save the environment" for I believe that it is not the environment that needs saving but it is "US" who needs to be saved. Once we have a dangerous environment our life is the one at most risk.

Why do we need to act for the Earth?

Well, talking would bee to much so let me share with you a video I made way back in 2009, which also inspired me and many others to stage a project during that year...

How can we help preserve the environment?

Preserving the environment and caring for mother Earth is quite very simple and easy. Here are some tips on how to conserve energy or lower carbon emissions:

WALK. If you will just go to a place that is not that far then why not try walking. By walking you not only help the environment but also help your body since you are doing a quality exercise.

RETHINK. Think about your lifestyle. What food are you consuming? What products are you using? Consume food that do not use too much of the earth and consume environmental friendly products. You can do this by buying products with earth-friendly packaging, content and production.

REDUCE. Reduce consumption of products that harm the planet like plastics and styrofoams.

REUSE. Remember that there are tons of products that can be used again like cans, plastics and others.

RECYCLE. Instead of throwing organic food in the bin together with others why not separate your garbage into organic and inorganic or compostable and none-compostable. You can use organic waste as fertilizer, while there can also be products which can be used in some other way.

What can we do to encourage other people to preserve the environment?

I had been an environmentalist since high school and it had been a very important part of my life. Most of my friends before called me "maarte" or too nosy on things but I never mind them instead I explained them why am I doing the things I do. Remember that caring for the planet is the COOLEST THING TO DO.

BE TALKATIVE. Yes, be talkative. If you are noisy at school then why not be noisy about how we can preserve our planet. Remember that this time being noisy makes a huge difference.

LIVE IT. Be a living example and practice caring for the planet daily.  For me, a person has no credibility to talk about things and encourage others if he is not walking his talk or in other words doing what he is saying.

PLAY IT. Want to know more and even share it with your friends. Then, why not experience Alter Space itself at It is said that games has the power to influence people.

Preserving the Earth means saving yourself and the next generation.

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