So here is my topic on Facebook likes, Facebook scams and Facebook contests.  I know that many of my friends will raise an eyebrow on this but as a person I am someone who values what is right than material things. I am also someone who values fairness in every contest. When we decided to enter John Dwight into the Palmolive Cool Dude (this is a legit contest and no offense to them) contest it was a risk because we know that the Top 10 will be based on Facebook likes and we know that 100% for sure almost everyone will be using dummies in order to get the needed likes... and it did happen.

Statistically speaking, a person can only get in reality about 20%-30% of his friends to like a certain contest. You will be lucky if you get 50% of your friends. It is possible to get 100% if you know all your friends and you have about a 100 or less friends. I had been using Facebook sine the time most people use Friendster and that is why I can say this.

Imagine an entry with about 600 likes who managed to get that in more than two weeks being surpassed by an entry who just joined just now and then even getting a thousand likes. Well, that is not cheating and dummies right? That is pure effort and popularity.

Facebook likes is prone to dummies as any Facebook account can like it. A person can easily get by the mobile verification of Facebook by removing cookies from his computer. I jave also known people who have more than 200 Facebook accounts. However, the people in the Philippines will be just a piece of grain compared to those from other countries who have a thousand to over 10,000 Facebook accounts.

I have scouted online and there are people who are selling Facebook accounts. You can buy 200 accounts for just around P250 and if you want a lot then try 10,000 accounts for just P2,200.

Prizes like that of the Palmolive Cool Dude on Cam is tempting. Imagine winning a PSP and P10,000. Would you play fair when you know most of the other people will be using dummies anyway?

I can just sit and let this pass but if I do that then this Facebook like scam and cheating on Facebook contests will continue. What is the use of having so many fans or likes in a page when about 40%-60% of those are dummy accounts.

If you want to join a Facebook contest hen avoid Facebook likes. If there is however a contest with Facebook likes be sure that the rules are fair and there are other criteria for it.

I do not blame anyone for this sine people are generally greedy by nature and well we all want to get the prize. It is therefore up to the hands of the contest organizers to ensure that their contest is fair and will not be prone to widespread cheating and scamming.

John Dwight might not win the contest since oh well, that is how Facebook likes goes ... but at least in the end we learn another vital lesson in the internet and of course be simple and be contented with what you have.

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  1. rhenskuh b euste // May 10, 2012 at 5:46 PM

    yeah men =))

  2. Eric // February 15, 2013 at 5:40 PM

    Everyone cheats. I am kind of against it but on the other hand if you are the only one not cheating, it makes you look bad...