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I am not an avid fan of Robert De Niro that is why yesterday at first I told Mei that I am not inclined to watch any movie at SM City Baliwag. However, since boredom struck us we decided to go to the cinemas and check on the movie. Limitless was the natural choice since I already watched Rio but before watching we checked out on the initial review of Limitless.

Based on initial review from Metacritic and Rotten Tomatoes, Limitless was an acceptable movie. We decided to watch and mind you the movie's ticket is sold at P10 lower than the other three movies.

Upon entering the cinema I told Mei, "We might be alone in watching this movie," However, when we went in there were a bunch of people enjoying the movie already. We came in near the end so naturally Mei told me that she can't understand what's happening while, since I have check out the movie online I know some bits of information about it. The first tip, you need to watch the movie in full to fully understand it.

So, we watched the movie in full and it was a very good movie. Although there could be a way to improve the presentation of the plot, I can say that I am contented with this one. Limitless is about the possibility a certain drug could give to you upon ingesting it. The unregulated drugh gives you the power to access your brain at 100%... but like other drugs it has side effects.

Eddie Morra played by Bradley Cooper, is a person who seems to be in shambles before he was introduced to the drug called NZT-48. Eddie's life changed drastically and does he become addictive to it but seems like there is a glitch in the drugh.

The twist and turns of the plot as well as the good story telling was commendable. Although some of the camera shots was a bit dizzy to the eye and makes me feel that it was meant for 3D cinemas.

Limitless provides some insight on what could we do if we can access 100% of our brain, a theory which is yet to actually be attested by science. In paranormal science however, accessing 100% of your brain means accessing super-human abilities like clairvoyance, telekenesis, telepathy and others... a portion of which is shown in the movie.


  • STORY:  8
  • COHERENCE:  10
  • DEPTH:  7
  • MUSIC:  5
  • TOTAL RATING:  81.43%

If you want some action and some good movie then try this one. Although it is not a perfect 10, I am telling you it is a recommended movie to watch.

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