I was so excited to really watch the sequel to Paranormal Activity, which is of course Paranormal Activity 2. The second installment of the movie is now supported by Paramount Pictures, unlike the first one which is independently released. In contrast to the first one as well, it seems this one goes to the usual promotion and not like the guerrilla marketing the creators did before.

Paranormal Activity 2 happens about 60 days before the death of Micah. Micah is the girl who dies and was apparently possessed in Paranormal Activity 1. This movie is a prequel which aims to shed light on what really happened.

The movie opens with a family who has a newborn son moving into a new house. Everything was going fine until one day they saw all their things in the house messed up except for Hunter's room. Hunter is the name of their newborn son. Because of that they installed cameras in strategic locations and there start our paranormal activity usual angle of shooting. The angle of the movie is almost 80% from the angle of the security cameras on the house including the time it was taken.

Hunter is the subject of the movie this time, as the so called "demon" tries to get the baby boy. The demon almost succeed but the father of the boy did prevented it. The sequence of the family ended the day Micah and his boyfriend went into the new house and then continues a day after Micah died on October 9, 2006.

The ending of the movie shows something which everyone ought to see and also opens up a plot for Paranormal Activity 3. Before, you get all excited in the next movie, let me show my Paranormal Activity 2 movie review:
  • STORY: 6 - I will be honest the story gets a little boring really on the start and the excitement comes after an hour of watching the movie. I slept twice in the beginning and postponed watching it twice..
  • DEPTH: 6 - In real life, for me at least once you see something weird going on in your house won't you check every angle of the camera and not just one. The father dismissing the weird things happening in the house is a little bit unnatural for me.
  • MUSIC: N/A - Since it is reality based I do not thing music is really needed to rate this film.
  • VISUAL EFFECTS: 8 - Very minimal visual effects but I would say it gets the hob done.
  • POPULARITY: 8 - I did not hear as much like Paranormal Activity 1.
  • RECOMMENDATION: 8 - if you are curious about the prequel to Paranormal Activity 1 and what happened after then this is a must see.
  • TOTAL RATING: 77.14%

This is way below what I gave for Paranormal Activity 1 which I rated at 100%. Here is the Paranormal Activity 1 movie review.

What do you think of Paranormal Activity 2? Share us your reviews.

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  1. this is stupid. // June 13, 2011 at 11:45 PM

    First of all, Micah is the BOY in the first movie.not the girl. and also, this makes no sense. katie is the one who kills her sister kristi and kristi's husband in the second movie. and in the end of the 2nd movie it says that katie and hunters whereabouts are unknown even though in the 1st movie she was killed by the police. so obviously they know where katie is. unless she was rushed to the hospital after the police shot her and she escaped and went to the house of her sister, killed the husband and Kristi and stole hunter and was lost forever.

  2. David D'Angelo // January 27, 2012 at 8:47 AM

    Thanks for the things that you pointed out. However when watching the movie it will be very natural to really get confused and the thing is I was really bored with this movie compared to the previous one. I have yet to watch the third one though.

  3. Ashley // April 19, 2012 at 7:45 AM

    This is an ok review, and i do agree that it was kind of boring in the beginning,but it thought the movie was really interesting. I would have given it more of a 90%, or at least and 85%.

  4. rhenskuh b euste // May 10, 2012 at 5:48 PM