Movie Review: The Tourist

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I thought it was a boring movie till I finally have the time to watch "The Tourist" which stars Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp. Although the movie is a remake of the 2005 French action film Anthony Zimmer, the film did offer a new perspective on the movie.

The trailer of The Tourist made me think that it would be an action-packed movie considering Angelina Jolie is there but I was wrong. It played on the genre of romance, comedy and perhaps suspense. Suspense in the sense that you will not really know who Alexander Pierce is until near the end of the film.

The Tourist grossed a total of US$264 million worldwide and was nominated as well for three Golden Globe Awards.

There was no clear genre to place The Tourist since it was for me hard to tell which genre fits the movie. Comedy perhaps, but there is a lack of strong comedy points. Is it action? However, it lacks the necessary thrill and fights of an action movie. I would put it safely into a romance adventure since the main topic is about love and how two people in the end finally found their true love.

Here is my rating for "The Tourist"
  • STORY:  9
  • COHERENCE:  10
  • DEPTH:  6
  • MUSIC:  8
  • TOTAL RATING:  88.75%

I would say I am awed with the turn of events of this movie. The plot and secrecy of the true identity of Alexander Pierce and of Elise (Angelina Jolie) was superbly played. I would though preferred a little more action in this movie, perhaps that is why I am not too satisfied with the story and the depth of the movie.

Overall I think this is a great movie to watch... very interesting... though for the lover of action movies you might get really bored.

What do you think of "The Tourist" movie?

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