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Rio will be a movie that forever be sentimental to me simply because it is the first ever 3D movie that I have watched and to add even more flavor to that I watched it with my kids. We went to Trinoma 3D cinema and thanks to's free movie pass we just paid P510. A 3D movie costs P300 each.

Even before I get to watch Rio, I have heard pretty good comments about it and in fact our cosplay group, Naruto Cosplayers PH also plans to watch because one of our founders is named Rio... anyway on to the Rio 3D movie review.

The title of the movie "Rio" first and foremost is not the name of the bird in the movie. Rio stands for Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. It is a place where birds like "Blue," the main character in the movie is naturally found.

Rio depicts a theme that is very close to my heart, the environment. It tells the importance of how a particular animal specie can actually be very important to the whole ecological system of the planet. In the movie it happens that "Blue" and a female Blue Macao, are the last of their kind. The movie also shows human greed in which they would not care about anything specially the environment as long as they will earn lots and lots of money from something.

I really appreciated the 3D cinema because it gives a lot of new experience to movie watching. It makes you feel that you are really in the movie or just like watching the actual characters. Emotions and visual senses can really be expounded and greatly increased by 3D movies.

  • STORY:  10
  • . I really like the characters. They have shown uniqueness and their own personality. I particularly like the two birds which was voiced over by the Black Eyed Peas.
  • COHERENCE:  10
  • DEPTH:  10
  • MUSIC:  10
  • . I totally love the music!
  • TOTAL RATING:  100%

I am a person who really appreciates good movie. For those who are really in-depth movie critics they might not agree with my perfect 10... well I have a bias for movies which gives high importance to the environment.

Here is another great music from Rio "Hot Wings" by the Black Eyes Peas.

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