Trese Comics Review

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Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldessimo will definitely be happy to know that their work had been well appreciated by the local comics fans and is calling their 3 volume Trese a creative and outstanding creation.

When I was first given a chance to read Trese by Jan Vincent Ong, I was trustfully hesitant to read it because the story might not be very interesting. The fact is as I opened the first page I cannot help but continue reading and thus I finished Volume 1, "Trese: Murder on Balete Drive" in an hour or so.

The story was very intriguing and it was presented in a way that will not be boring. The creators used places that are common and had a big semblance of reality and normalcy. Trese, intersects into the local urban legends and mythology.

Trese effectively puts engkantos, nuno sa punso and other Filipino "out of this world" characters in the current landscape without destroying the antiquity of these creatures. In effect these creates greater thrill for the readers. For example, finding Pinoy war gods owning an internet gaming shop is something that the youth can easily relate to or putting a story on a famous mall or street will make them more curious as well.

There is also a particular story in Book 1 which catches my attention and that is the continuation of the story of Darna and Ding. The twist had been very effective and captivating. It is also very realistic and natural. To find out that Ding ultimately becomes the superhero in order to protect his elder sibling is something all of us will be surprised to find out.

The mysteries in Trese allows no romantization of the story at all. It was told in a manner that is most realistic and natural. Among all the books, Book 3 was the most personal to the series for it reveals the origin of the kambal and also sets phase on the entire story of Trease which might be in the making for the next couple of years.

I can say that Trese is a breather to the comics industry which for some had already died but still for others there is still life and hope. If I will judge the future of Pinoy Comics looking at Trease, I would say that there is hope and all that is needed is one giant spark.

I love the story of Trease, every bits and pieces of it and I would definitely highly recommend it to everyone.

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