D'Wonder Boys Hit Song "Baby, Baby"

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The folks of Bubble Gang had done it anew with the tandem of Michael V., Ogie Alcasid, Boy 2 Quiezon and Antonio Aquitania with the group "D'Wonder Boys". These same group had also been the phenomenal Sex Groups in the early years of Bubble Gang.

D'Wonder Boys had been a spoof of the K-Pop group "Wonder Girls." K-Pop had been a hit in the Philippines and for sure this trend will be within the popular culture for some time. The lyrics of their first hit single, "Baby, Baby" had been a monolyric tone of "Baby"

Here is the Wonder Boys debut of their popular song, "Baby Baby" at Bubble Gang. Band members includes San Ba Yo, Tang Ha Ko, Yee Saw, and Chang Ge.

Now since they become very popular they also released the official MTV of "Baby, Baby" by the D'Wonder Boys.

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