The latest social media release of Google seems to be very promising. The tandem of Google+ and Google+ Hangouts connect seems to solve the long problem in social media and that is, providing a simulation and real-time interaction that is visible.

Google+ seems to be like Facebook but it's social interaction and networking is new. Friends here can be grouped into circles and you can readily connect with them, post comments and share various status messages.

What is more interesting though with Google+ is Google+ Hangouts. As Google describes it, "it is the best way for you to say 'I’m online and want to hangout!'"

Hangout allows you to engage in a video chat with your friends, and then your friends can invite their friends as well. It has the capacity to video chat to up to 10 people at once and that is all FOR FREE.

Google+ Hangout can be used for a school project, a meeting or even more. It is similar to Webex or even Skype's premium feature but the only difference is that YOU CAN USE IT FOR FREE and you just need to create your Google+ account.

Google through Justin Uberti, its engineer made it known recently through his blog that Google intends to publish the specifications necessary to use it for third party applications. This will in turns allow Hangouts to inter-operate.

Here is a brief video of Google+ Hangouts.


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Google= Hangouts

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