Welcome The New God of Thunder

Posted by David D'Angelo | 8/16/2011 01:29:00 PM | , , | 0 comments »

Thor will be having his retirement? Well, I don't exactly know but Marvel had published a new comics cover featuring a new God of Thunder, Tanarus. The teaser was shown in an upcoming issue of Thor by Matt Fraction and Pasqual Ferry.

Based on the teaser it looks like Tanarus will be wearing the Destroyer armor. So who exactly is Tanarus when it comes to mythological reference of the Norse?

Based on our reliable source, WIkipedia the closest we can get is a character named "Taranis" who is the Celtic God of Thunder and God of the Wheel. Incidentally, Tanarus is another name for the Celtic god of thunder Taranis

Our new God of Thunder, Tanarus also looks to be a bit older. Well, let's see how the story goes and if this is really the end for Thor.


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