Final Destination 5 Movie Review

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An epic story line is the main ingredient to the success of the Final Destination franchise.  From a mere script of The X-Files, Final Destination became a phenomenon and the latest release, Final Destination 5 is again a big hit.

Final Destination 5 grossed more than 67Million USD, the third among the series.  The first Final Destination holds the top opening day with $27.4 million followed by 2006's Final Destination 3 with $19.1 million.  This years Final Destination was number 3 at the weekend box office with $18.4 million behind Rise of the Planet of the Apes ($27.5 million) and The Help ($25.5 million).

Final Destination 5 carries the trademark of all the series which is blood, gore and creepy deaths.  Each scene will put you to the edge of your sit.  This installment gives some clear rule on how to survive the death game, that is an exchange for a life to another life thus earning the lifespan of that person.

The effects were great from the beginning, as well as the scenes.  It is a highly commendable film with great actors playing each role to the fullest.  However, if there is someone that should be commended for this great film is the writer himself,  Eric Heisserer.

I do not want to go into all the spoiler but this one is a must see since it will make you asks questions in the end.  In fact this is the first ever final destination.  Why?  Well, you better watch the film.

Now here is my rating for Final Destination 5:
  • STORY: 10
  • DEPTH: 10
  • MUSIC: 9
  • TOTAL RATING:  96.25%

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