Joel Lamangan's Patikul Movie Review

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Patikul is a movie directed and produced by Joel Lamangan.  The movie mirrors a reality in Mindanao, particularly in the town of Patikul, paricularly in Kan-Ague.  The film however was not actually filmed in Patikul nor in Sulu for security reasons.  The film was critically acclaimed by many and truthfully it is one great experience for every Filipino to watch.

I watched Patikul at the Podium together with peace ambassadors from PeaceTech during YPeace, the Student Leader's Peace Assembly organized by the Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process (OPAPP).  There will be a second screening on September 17, 2011.

The movie focuses on the story of two young children, namely Fahad played by Martin delos Santos and Alelie played by Angellie Nicole Sanoy.  These two children had been the epitome of those who want to be educated despite the many odds they have to face in their daily routine going to school.  Their academic optimism led to the two to be selected for the annual regional Quiz Bee under the tutelage of their principal, Michael Balmes played by Marvin Agustin.

Everything changes however because of an incident one night when the group of teachers coming from the wake of the relative of one of the volunteer teachers who died in an armed encounter between the army and the rebels.  Michael Balmes was abducted for ransom by the Abu Sayaff and they asked for a 2 Million pesos ransom.

The turmoil among the hearts of the students, their parents and the teachers of Kan-Ague.  The regional DepED suspended classes and the teachers stopped teaching.  However, Fahad's father Amman played by Allen Dizon decided to take courage and take the lead in helping his fellow townsfolk decide on what to do.  Will they allow the effects of war to hinder their children from being educated or will they took the first step to finally create their own solution?

Patikul movie was a sure tear jerker.  Almost everyone who was with me during the screening of Patikul at the Podium was crying.  I was also affected by the high level of emotions at play in the movie however, there is one big comment I have on this movie.  Although, it was a good movie per see, it dwells very high on emotions rather than on the actual issues at hand.  Due to this, the depth of the movie suffered and looking outside of all the emotions it was a shallow movie still.

Now here is my rating for PATIKUL:
  • STORY: 7
  • DEPTH: 5
  • MUSIC: 10
  • TOTAL RATING:  84.26%
Joel Lamangan's Patikul movie trailer

Other than that, the characters in the movie performed very well.  The song used in the movie was also great and reflective of the issues at hand.  This is indeed a good movie, however, people watching it should also know that this is not the holistic story of what is happening in Mindanao.  More importantly, this is not reflective of Mindanao.

Kidnapping is not a daily occurrence in Mindanao for in my own personal experience, Mindanao as a whole is one beautiful place.  Despite the negative notions and the war that is happening, this place in the Philippines is an ideal destination if you want to experience a place where culture and great food abounds.

For those who want to help promote peace, you can JOIN THE BLOG ACTION DAY FOR PEACE on September 21, 2011.

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