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Drew Arca is a known cosplayer in the cosplay community.  He is a member of HTP: Team Sunna, one of the winningest cosplay groups ever.  However, some may not know that Drew is also an artist and independent comics writer.  He is the author and artist of In.Between.

In.Between is a serialized comics which follows the story of a character of the same name Andrew.  Although I have only seen two releases of In.Between it might be safe to say that in some way this story is a little bit personal to the writer-artist.

The first thing that catches my attention however is not the comics itself but the quote on the back cover.  It is a quote from the 14th Dalai Lama which says, "Our prime purpose in life is to help others. And if you can't help them, at least don't hurt them."  I asked Drew why he had chosen this quote and he said that it keeps the goodness in him alive.

Now here is my review of In.Between.


This refers to the overall cleanliness and quality of the art work and drawings in the comics.  I can say that Drew made a really good job in this one.  His arts are smooth and really admirable.  The ability to showcase movements and emotions are also very vivid.


This refers to the appeal of the comics cover.  All I can say is that the cover is cute and cool.  I like the 2nd issue cover since it is in color.


This refers to the comics coherence and ability to deliver its message.  I had a little problem understanding the flow of the story at first and then I realized that there were two separate setting of the story.


This refers to the depth of discussion in the comics and its story.  I find the story in the comics a little slow phased.  If Drew intends the comics to be on a regular basis say twice every month then this is good.  However, since the release is not very regular I am suggesting a little speed on the phasing of the story, after all we do not want the readers to get really hyper about waiting for the next issue and in the end lose interest.


This refers to the effectiveness of the comics to deliver the message and evoke action.  The story of In.Between is a story which every one can relate to.  It is about your usual type of guy searching for someone and then living in a world with lots of stuff to stumble upon.  I believe that with proper marketing this comics will be a hit.


This refers to the price and affordability of the comics.  In.Between has a total of 16 pages per issue and costs P30.  I think it is affordable enough for anyone who wants to read a new story from a youth perspective.  The drawings are cool and anime-manga inspired.


This is my recommendation level.  Honestly, I highly recommend you to read In.Between.  This will not be a waste of your time and money.  Again, I just hope a little stepping up on the phase of the story because the end of both issue gets super exciting.


In.Between is published by Hyper Comics at

Happy Reading!

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