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MARK'D is another title from Hyper Comics and this time it dwells on the science fiction genre.  It dwell mainly on Norse Mythology with the used of the term Valhalla and the Valhallan War between humans and Gods.  Main characters are elves and humans and I suppose there will be a lot of mixes including gods.

Here is my review of Mark'D from Hyper Comics:


The artwork was superb and admirable.  I can say that for an independently published comics this one is really good.  You will not have any bad comment about how artworks are drawn since they are made to perfection.


I just hope that the cover would be more interesting and compelling to know what's inside the comics.  The cover is suppose to entice the readers from really wanting to open the other pages.  With the two chapters of Mark'D, it fails to bring me to any excitement of what's inside.  The title was also a little vague since people will not know what it means until they read it.  Cover artwork again superb.


This refers to the comics coherence and ability to deliver its message.Very straight forward though at times I did get lost in the story.  That is not a thing to worry since most science fiction stories are supposed to be like that... intriguing, mysterious and readers have a tendency to get lost.  The story telling and backgrounder on the second chapter is very good since it gives an idea of what's happening.  The dialogue are also commendable.


This refers to the depth of discussion in the comics and its story.  The first two chapters will leave you with a lot of questions of what's happening and what's with the characters.  It also opened up intrigues and some sort of politics that we hope to see in the succeeding chapters.


This refers to the effectiveness of the comics to deliver the message and evoke action.  The effectiveness of a comics story is to make the readers force to buy and anticipate the next one.  In the ending sequences of the two chapters in some way it fails to make you excited though there is the usual fact that you want to read the next one.  The message of the story is clear except for that simple added excitement and teaser at the end.  That is my opinion however and the artit or publisher may have a different way of thinking and I respect that.


I have no problem with the pricing of this comics.  At 30 pesos it is worth the read and it lets the artist do more of such a wonderful work.


If you want an exciting story with intrigue, love and fantasy plus magic and lots of action then this is the comics for you.  Mark'D will certainly be a good read... it was a good read for me.


Mark'D is published by Hyper Comics at

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