Facebook timeline?  What is that?  Well, Facebook Timeline is the new way to display your Facebook profile page.  It is more like a chronological order of what you do and life and what happened to you.  In this way the new Facebook profile create another exclusive in social network sites... it tells your story.  Now the main question is do you like it?

Personally, I like the new Facebook Timeline since it is neat and looks more awesome yet for some it kinda looks a little distracting and confusing.  Well, it is confusing since it is now full packed and not just the usual top to bottom design where you can see posts in an orderly fashion... now there are two columns and more.

Seeing the Facebook Timeline above what is your reaction?  Well, it shows the world who you are and what happened to you  That is, if your Facebook profile is set to public.  This also means that other people will also have access to you and this may post a certain amount of risk and danger... particularly identity theft.  Since they know who you are they can assimilate you more.

However, everything has risks and all you have to do is be very cautious.  There are "privacy settings" in Facebook so the security is in your hands.

Now here is a quick tutorial on Facebook Timeline I grabbed from our friendly video source, YouTube.  If you want to add me on Facebook then please subscribe to  Please do share your experience and comments with Facebook Timeline as well.

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