Have you watched Tiktik already?  Tiktik: The Aswang Chronicles is the latest horror film which is produced by GMA Films in collaboration with other great post production movie outfits and features Dingdong Dantes and Lovie Poe in the lead role.  It is also the first movie in a series of films under Aswang Chronicles.

Dingdong Dantes plays the role of a Manila born boyfriend to Lovie Poe.  Dingdong protrays the character of Makoy, a young arrogant man who always been selfish and finds the way for himself.  He is so arrogant that this arrogance eventually led to the chaos that occur in the movie.  Meanwhile, Lovie who portrays Sonia is pregnant with the son of Makoy and she is determined to raise the child even without him.

So determined to get his girlfriend back, Makoy would do anything thus when he learned that there will be a birthday celebration then he volunteered to pay for the lechon.  Their journey in getting the pig for the lechon, Makoy's arrogance and the pregnancy of Sonia will lead to a grand batte between Sonia's family and the Tiktik in the village.

What can I say about the movie?  Now here is my Tiktik movie review:
  • STORY: 10.  Tiktik: Aswang Chronicles creates a clear balance between all the elements of a realistic story.  The usual scene of young couple, the usual scene at a remote village as highlighted by the couples Joey Marquez and Janice de Belen, and the pinoy humor so well covered and protrayed by Ramon Bautista's character, Bart.
  • CHARACTERS: 10.  I would say that the characters are really very distinct in each of their individual roles.  Dingdong Dante's character of Makoy was really new to the fans.  This is the first time I saw Dingdong played an arrogant role that was not just arrogant but indeed very arrogant.  Of all the characters however, I was particularly impressed with Ramon Bautista's portrayal of Bart.  This character really add the humor and fun in the movie.  Bart was the character that gave more zest to the otherwise full horror and action perspective of the movie.  Great work for Ramon Bautista.
  • COHERENCE: 10.  I would say that the story's progression is very good and it literally follows the usual flow if ever this really happened in real life.
  • DEPTH: 7.  While Tiktik - Aswang Chronicles is a very good film it fails to portray the origin of the myth behind them.  I did expect at some point that there would be a narration on how Tiktik came to exist in order to lighten up viewers on the Aswang folklore.  The character of Bart and the story about his father could have been used for that sequence.  The village was also very remote in any case and the presence of a lone sari-sari store near a single house seems to be a little weird to me.  Of course that lone sari-sari store and its role in the movie had been very critical in the end.  Roi Vinzon also played a very good role as Tatang, the ultimate patriarch of the Tiktiks.
  • MUSIC: 10.  Tiktik - Aswang Chronicles managed to use the blend between the usual horror music used to set the minds of the audience and moren OPM music from the past.  I am very impressed on how the music did blend throughout the movie.
  • VISUAL EFFECTS: 8.  Many would say that the visual effects of Tiktik is the best so far in Philippine movies and well I would agree, however I see some visible flows in the visual effects via-a-vis the supposed setting of the movie.  The visual effects created a comic-like output in the film which I think is good, however some of the elements used in the background were non-present in the Philippine setting.  For example I can't help but comment on the large barren trees present near the house of Sonia.  I have never seen such trees here in the Philippines plus why would you just live in a place where in "common sense" is spooky in the first place.  The last scene was also a bit long.  I think they over emphasized the scene.
  • POPULARITY:10.  The fil had a production cost of around 80million pesos and indeed it would be paying very good for the producers which includes Dingdong Dantes and his film production Agostados Pictures.  TIktik: The Aswang Chronicles was released in 105 theaters on October 17, 2012 and in it's initial showing it grossed 10.8 Million pesos.  In just six days Tiktik  already passed its production cost of 80 Million pesos..
  • TOTAL RATING:  93.75%

Tiktik:  The Aswang Chronicles was a product of Actor Dingdong Dantes’ film outfit Agostodos Pictures which has partnered with GMA Films and Reality Entertainment.  Dondon Monteverde and Erik Matti, were the duo behind Reality Entertainment.  The film was entirely shot in a green background and its post production had been for a year.  

The idea for Tiktik began fives years ago according to Dingdon when he and Dondon Monterverde of Reality Entertainment discussed about contributing to the film industry.  Fast track to today they together with PostManila (a post-production outfit) and Mothership (a computer graphics company) plus other managed to bring about a really outstanding output.  “Tiktik” producers even got the services of production designer Peter Collias (“The Matrix,” “Moulin Rouge,” “Ghost Rider”) to create “strange and wonderful backdrops”.

So who among you did watch Tiktik: The Aswang Chronicles?  Share us your views by adding a comment on this review.  Just click on the Facebook Like button above and add your comment.  Thanks for reading!

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  1. JR // February 4, 2013 at 12:34 AM

    Great Movie indeed kung yung cinematography ang titingnan(Ignoring the green screen and all), camera angles, positioning and movement. Siguro kasi mga studio camera ang ginamit na kung ikukumpara sa mga outside shooting hirap tayo gumawa ng ganitong mga shots. First time kong nakakita ng movie sa Pinas na ang dating ng picture is movie talaga hindi yung parang mga telenovela lang sa television. Acting is good, pero siguro nga the story and the way kung pano ito ikekwento could have been developed more, sana makakita pa ako ng ganitong quality na movie sa ibang genre. Sana maapply nila haha Cheers!

  2. Avon Luna // April 2, 2013 at 10:26 AM

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