This is my first time to watch a Twilight Saga movie in full.  The main reason why I failed to watch the previous ones specially the first one is I get bored and sleep during the movie.  I was hesitant at first to watch it but thanks to encouragement from friends and a free movie ticket from Inquirer Libre, I manage to watch The Breaking Dawn Part 2 together with my daughter. 

The opening credits was again a familiar music and well my mind was set to sleepy mode again but then I though, give this a try this time.  The flashback and the storyline was very surprising for me.  It was interesting at first glance and I never thought that the events that occurred from the first Twilight movie to Breaking Dawn Part 2 had evolved a long way.

One thing I always do not like about romance movies like this is the long chit chat and talks about various things.  It was a book turned into a movie and sometimes the producers and directors can't really make the full transition of the power of imagination from the original book story to the big screen.

Here is my Twilight Saga: The Breaking Dawn Part 2 Movie Review:

STORY: 8.  I will still say that the story lacks action and for a good movie this is what lacks in the Twilight Saga.  I was awed with how the movie was done and also the suspense building up to the grand finale.  The transition in the battle was intense and then the shift from the present to the future and back again was perfect.  You will even cry and clutch into your sit while watching the climatic battle between the Cullens + Wolves and the Vulturi.

CHARACTER: 9.  Each of the Characters in Breaking Dawn Part 2 has their original traits and power.  This was shown in the movie.  However, a certain character that male which is always aloof from the rest was never shown what his trait is.  His intense looks and observation was intriguing at first but it seems he was not properly played in the movie.

COHERENCE: 10.  The progression from the day Bella woke up again, tested her powers, learn to control her thirst to the climatic battle with the Vulturi was done properly.  The search for witnesses was also done good.  Bella's daughter Nessie, had been an essential part of the drama and emotional draw of Breaking Dawn Part 2.

DEPTH: 5.  I would say that the movie version of a book by Stephanie Meyer and with other book would most of the time lack the depth necessary for the story.  A book is full of imagery and description which films will most of the time fail to capture.  I am particularly interested with the 2 white vampires who were very intense and excited to see the downfall of the Vulturi and their dialogue at the end was particularly intriguing.  It seems that the Vulturi grabbed their power and those they have taken that away are waiting for the right time.

MUSIC: 10.  The music was very effective and it invoked the emotions of those watching the movie.  A Thousand Years by Cristinna Perri was indeed fit and proper for the Twilight Saga... noting that a Vampires life is forever.

VISUAL EFFECTS: 10.  I was impressed with the rendering of the effects in this movie and the realism to which it is done.  The super speedy vampires to the huge wolves to the fight scenes were simply amazing.

POPULARITY:  10.  Should I say more?  The Twilight Saga is very popular not only because of its storyline but because of the starts that appears in the film.  Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner were super hot young stars.  Well, not to mention the rough love story and intrigue between real life lovers Kristen and Robert who recently just reunited after a scandal between Kirsten and a certain director.


TOTAL RATING Twilight Saga: The Breaking Dawn Part 2 Movie Review:  90%

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