There are certain things that you will have a long time getting used to when you shift from Windows based system to Mac OSX system.  Two of the things that I have to deal with is PRINT SCREEN and RENAMING MULTIPLE FILES.

First off, we go to the PRINT SCREEN in Mac Book.  Well you will not find any shortcut like that of Windows but it is quite easy.  You just have to press in succession while holding the keys COMMAND + SHIFT + 3 and presto you have a desktop screen shot.  Screen shots would automatically be saved on your desktop.

What about RENAMING MULTIPLE FILES on MAC OSX and MAC BOOK?  Well this took me a while until I finally want to rename files.  All I did was search using Google and I found this very helpful video which I know everyone of you will find helpful.

This video introduces us to the APPLICATION called AUTOMATOR.

Hope these tips help you guys ^_^V

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