I am not very fond of online games.  My last online game was Ragnarok way back nearly 10 years ago but just after Christmas of 2012, I got hooked to Dragon Nest by Cherry Credits.  I got hooked to many things about it, and the next thing you know I am so into it together with my 3 kids.

So here is my personal Dragon Nest SEA Review, an initial review that is plus some of the comments of my fellow guild members from, DnUnNiTeD.  Yes, we have a guild in Dragon Nest.

This is the first time that I will do an online game review so be patient with me.  This is again an initial review of Dragon Nest SEA.

GRAPHICS: 9/10 - I would not say its perfect but it has a smooth flowing graphics.  The player can also adjust the graphics settings personally thus it will make the game playable as well to those with lower PC specifications.  I am using a 3-year old laptop and mind you it plays fast on my computer even though at some point it says, "not enough RAM."

A screenshot of my character.  Remember if you want to take a screenshot just press PRINT SCREEN
If you want to record a video just press SCROLL LOCK
The character movements were smooth, the effects were smooth and almost everything was ok.  The only problem would be your internet connection speed so better check that you have a modest connection.

GAMEPLAY: 9/10 - I don't want to make it perfect yet because I still have to experience it but so far so good.  The dungeons and drop system were good, as well as the leveling   Quests were fine and the Guild Missions also serves a great purpose if you want to Level Up past.  The costumes, armors and weapons were equally very intriguing.

This game will challenge you in a lot of ways since there are lots of thinsg to do.  You can enhance an item, create your heraldry, craft items, farm, fish, cook, join guilds, battle in the Colosseum .. that was a lot of things to do for a game right?

Fishing at Dragon Nest

FIshing at Dragon Nest
Plus this is the first game which allows you to have a rebirth within the dungeon or boss mission itself.  I don't know if I am correct but I did experience other online games and resurrect is very limited or if it is unlimited you will be thrown out of the dungeon or mission.  Plus, resurrect replenishes daily.  I remember when I faced Manticor alone and in Master mode when I was at Level 17 and then at Minotaur's Nest with my 2 sons at Level 25, those resurrects din help a lot.

Leveling and dungeon run at Abyss level
Dead or killed? Don't worry you can reincarnate but always keep an eye for your life gauge
What's good about Dragon Nest this 2013 is there are lots of things coming up early January.  There were also rumors about a NEW DRAGON NEST CHARACTER so stay tuned when they finally reveal that to everyone.

ENGAGEMENT POTENTIAL: 10/10 - This rating means the ability of the game to make the user or player engage and hooked to it.  Well honestly, I say that Dragon Nest is definitely a game that will make you play it for a long time.  It is addicting so be responsible in playing everyone... after all games are for recreation and entertainment.

LIFE SPAN: 7/10 - It is hard to say just yet the possible life span of this game among gamers, however, with the current trend I think that it will stay for a while and it will not die anytime soon.  This game has a lot of potential that will keep gamers like you and me engaged.

DnUnNiTeD Guild during its second day at Dragon Nest SEA
Dragon Nest SEA is also very active in events, as well as cosplay so more and more people are getting to know about it which equates to more and more people playing it as well.

RECOMMENDATION: 10/10 - I highly recommend everyone try this game.  It is a good game for recreation and entertainment.  Not too much though okay?  Studies and social relevant activities should not be missed.


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So dear readers WHAT DO YOU THINK OF DRAGON NEST?  Share your thought by posting a comment below.

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  1. David D'Angelo // January 10, 2013 at 3:14 PM

    Do share your comments and personal reviews as well :)

  2. keyotik // February 26, 2013 at 10:54 AM

    Hi! What server do you guys play?

  3. David D'Angelo // April 4, 2013 at 9:23 PM

    We play at Greenwood server. Add me up ShenBROOD and KroroBROOD :)

  4. Jasper Dimla // April 17, 2013 at 8:25 PM

    Nc review sir David! Sayang greenwood ka po. Westwood and springwood po ako ee.. anyways, keep up the great work sir David.. jasper here :D