UPSIDE DOWN Movie Review and Ratings

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When lovers came from different classes of society they will surely encounter great tribulations, what more if they come from different worlds bounded by strict codes prohibiting one from meeting the other?

This is the plot of Upside Down movie,  a romance movie which gives a deeper meaning to the time old problem of love between forbidden class of people.  It featured the love between someone who lives in one planet "up above" and one from "down below".  Planets which have separete fates, the other so rich and the other so poor.  Their love for each other will test the basic laws of these two planets and in the end might just defy the rules of the society that they live on.

It is a recommended movie for those who are very romantic and those that love to watch movies with a touch of fiction and romance.  However, you might just get a bump at the end of the movie and ask yourself, "is that it?"  Well that is how I felt at the end because it seems that there are just more to it than what I expect.


STORY: 7.  I can say that the story is very unique as far as the setting is concerned.  It is something that is new to movie goers.  The love defies time and space and I am sure that many of us can relate to it.  Though I like the story the ending seems to be very abrupt and is in my opinion anti-climatic.

CHARACTER: 10.   Jim Sturgess (Adam) and Kirsten Dunst (Eden) played very well their characters in the film.  Adam's character was the very persistent love who will do anything to see the one he loves.  His way of acting will also put a smile and laughter into your face.  Eden's character was the timid and lovable young woman who was captured by the charisma of Adam.

COHERENCE: 7.  The story has a good progression and is told consistently well except for the ending which is again anti-climatic.  The ending was very abrupt, it is when you are all pumped up and excited to see what will happen next and all of a sudden you realize that it was the closing scene already.  I wish that they had made a better ending transition for the film.

DEPTH: 9.  The story was given depth and also a good sense of background about the world and the characters.  The narration was very well done and in fact played a key role in the movie.  Movie goers will surely get to know deeply Adam specifically during the course of the movie.

MUSIC:  5.  I do not know if I am listening very well to the film but there is no particular music which have captured my attention.  Perhaps the story was made so good that it will really run with the music unnoticeable.  The movie does not dwell on the plain drama of love but explores a whole new world in a way that is very conventional but is exciting, entertaining and very romantic.

VISUAL EFFECTS: 10.  I would like to comment the visual effects creator of this movie for putting a touch of reality to the inverse planets.  Upside down features two planets were people live inversely within one another.  The realistic rendition of the world was indeed superb and very commendable.

POPULARITY: 6.  Based on the number of people in the cinemas, I think this movie enjoys a mid-range popularity compared to others,

RECOMMENDATION: 9.  Story wise without the ending that I am very critical with, this movie should be included in your must watch movie.  Though, I think you will also notice what I am very critical with.  Want also to know if you notice that.

TOTAL RATING:  78.85/100

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