Dragon Nest SEA had finally released the long awaited update that includes the newest, sexiest and most daring character yet in DN, the Dancer or Kali.  This had been most awaited and anticipated after other countries and areas had been previously updated with this one.  I would not be surprised if many current players will try out the new class and for the first few weeks or months servers would be swamped with Kali. (View my Dragon Nest SEA Game Review)

For other updates here are some of the new things which I have noticed...

1.  The login screen had been changed for the meantime with the promotion of the Kali.  So the screen is dubbed as the Dance of Apparition.

2.  I also noticed the "Mobile" button at the end which when clicked gives you a code where you can use when you download the Dragon Nest Mobile App at the Android Market.  Downloading the app will give you access to the online trading house as well as chats with friends.  Pretty cool right?

3.  The Dragon Nest SEA character selection screen is now brand new as it features your created characters plus their coolest gestures and the hottest costume.  I think it is cooler and more unique this time around.

3.  The Dragon Nest SEA character create screen had now been updated to also feature the China Character Selection Screen wherein all of the character are up against the enemy.  It also feature the characters up close, their starts and a preview video of their moves.

4.  I have only seen yet just of some of the updates but what is starting to be implemented is the "STAMP" thing wherein you will be given saily stamps for loggin in to your account and completing missions.  I believe there are more improvements and new features as promised during the recently concluded Cherry Convention.

5.  Lastly, don't forget to press F11 and click your free gift.  It is a potion to turn into the famous Gosuk.  The potion will have an effect of 30 minutes, so don't miss to get the chance to be the famous and cute Gosuk.

That's all for now and keep on playing Dragon Nest.  Do add me on Dragon Nest SEA Greenwood server - ShenBROOD and KroroBROOD.

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  1. David D'Angelo // April 5, 2013 at 9:37 AM

    Update from Addison Khang:

    Hi all, ladder equipments can now be shared via Server Storage. It will be disabled again in the next major update (we will keep you inform of the date). Guild pledge set for Kali is now available.

    Upon rushing to help solve the above, unfortunately some new bugs were created. At this moment, Immortal and Ancient set bonus is currently missing. We will investigate more and hopefully get it solve real soon.

    Pending bug:
    - Double Kabala of darkness mis-translation
    (For Canon choose the first on the left)

    - Kill Death Count
    (Will try fix it with the immortal / ancient set patch)

    - Missing CNY Cash item (missing icon)
    (Wait for next major patch)

    - T4 Mana Point
    (Wait for Level 60)