Superman Man of Steel 2013 Movie Review

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Everyone is so hyped in the past month about Superman Man of Steel.  This is the latest movie about Superman which retells the story of how Superman or Kal'el became what he is or as Clark Kent turning Superman. 

I am sure that the movie got lots of earnings and rake the box office but let me share my own review for this movie.

Superman Man of Steel 2013 Movie Review:

STORY: 7.  There is nothing new to the story.  Of course would you expect something new from an old story who had been retold many times by different writers, producers and in different media.  I hate it when a good story and character like this miss the progression it needed and got rebooted again and again.  For the new generation, it is certainly worth watching but for those who knew Superman, well it is still the same.

Plus added to that is the fact that the story focuses on two things which are: 1) Making sure Zod does not succeeds; and 2) Making sure Louise Lane is safe.  Remember this does not include saving the world.  Well, Superman did not even care if building will fall down or people will get hurt, he just keep on fighting and damage structures one after the other.

CHARACTER: 6.  Clark Kent is supposed to be witty and have a good sense of humor.  Well, this Clark Kent is a little too serious for me and well an emotional and rebellious type as well.  He is centered on himself and care less about others in this movie.

COHERENCE:  8.  Story telling wise, I think there is a good coherence and progression although some things did change.

DEPTH:  9.  I would say in someway the story goes a little deeper into the story of Superman;s parents and planet, Krypton.  It shows the reason behind the grudge of Zod against Superman and his father Jor'el.  It also shows for the first time the purpose why Zod is seeking Superman and that is to obtain the genes o Kryptonians and ensure the rebirth of Krypton.  In the previous Superman concept, he could have talked to Zod and reason with him about co-existing on Earth but on this one it is resolved with brutality among the two.

MUSIC:  5.  The previous branding of Superman was removed and there was no music to remember this movie.  

VISUAL EFFECTS:  10.  I admire the visual effects and the fight scenes.  It had been upgraded to the latest technology I suppose.  One problem though is the fact that the fight scenes are so fast and you can hardly enjoy it.  It is more like watching Dragonball on television where the fighters disappear on sighs and you can just see the flash of them exchanging blows.

POPULARITY:  10.  It's Superman so who cares of all the technicalities as long as they get to watch their favorite superhero.  Well. I do love Superman but I just hope that his heart will be restored if there will be a sequel unless he will get the effect of black kryptonite.

RECOMMENDATION:  7.  If you don;t have anything more to watch then watch this but I am sure there are better movies.  

TOTAL RATING Superman Man of Steel 2013  77.50%

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