Everyone has a dream and everyone has a reason to have that dream.  I am a single dad to 3 kids with a loveble girl whom I love so much.  The dream to fly and visit a destination in the Philippines and to relax somehow is for me one of the most exciting gift we could ever had.  That dream would be better if I will not only travel to a destination I love but also experience the all new and first every Air Asia with a Solaire livery, the Sky Solaire.

Of course not all of us can enjoy the trip if I win but still I would like all five of us to experience a one of a kind trip via Sky Solaire.  A trip that would not only bring relaxation but also create moments.  Moments that my family would remember even when I am gone.

Going on a destination via Air Asia’s popular Airbus A320, scheduled to embark on its maiden flight this July is surely a dream come true.  Solaire is the first-ever consumer brand in the country to fully wrap and brand a commercial airline, with an underlying thrust of further promoting tourism in the Philippines and in greater Asia.  

However, that dream would be half fulfilled if we would not experience being at the Solaire Resort and Casino itself.  We can never say that we had a wonderful time and soar really high if we just experience the flight, what about the lifestyle, the scenery, the entertainment and the excitement at Solaire.

Surely, Sky Solaire is one grand project worth experiencing.  This dynamic collaboration between Solaire and Air Asia represents another step forward in an on-going journey towards providing modern travel and leisure experiences for its customers, with a fresh new approach to their target market.  This partnership will facilitate more passenger and cargo traffic in both regional and domestic flights, and foster stronger trade, cultural and tourism ties within Asia.

Sounds great and really helpful to the country.  However, I might sound selfish but come on who would not like to enter the haven that is within Solaire Resort and Casino?  

Solaire Resort & Casino, the primary property of Bloomberry Resorts Corporation, is a USD $1.2 Billion integrated destination resort on an 8.3-hectare site in Manila, Philippines opened March 2013. Solaire, a luxury destination casino resort, is the first property to open in the Entertainment City, a government sponsored (Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation) economic development zone.

Solaire’s Phase 1 features 500 luxurious rooms, suites and bayside villas, 18,500 square meters of gaming space, a wide range of award-winning dining experience and signature restaurants, sophisticated bars and lounges, and an ample multi-level car park. The property has additional 258,721 square meter expansion project under development which is expected to open 3rd quarter of 2014.

The Solaire experience is stamped with an unparalleled brand of service style, world-renowned Philippine hospitality, top-of-class luxurious accommodations, diverse dining options and impressive gaming facilities, which have all contributed to the way people people view resort casinos in Manila. Many have opted to extend their stay at the resort, to have simply grown to embrace the aspirational and stress-free lifestyle offered to them at Solaire. Solaire Resort and Casino clearly offers the utmost experience of comfort, elegance and luxury in the Philippines right now.

Truly amazing right?  To me who had been struggling fighting all the struggles of single parenthood this one would surely be something we would never forget.  This dream I think is not only confined within me and my family for I know most of us also dream of the same thing.  A dream of riding in an elegant airplane partnered with a solid company and then stay at a prestigious place where every experience is a treasured moment.

Furthermore, this dream is not only a dream of a Filipino like me, I know that whoever will see and know about Sky Solaire and Solaire itself would be amazed and would share this dream.

Let us fulfill this wonderful dream by experiencing personally the wondrous Sky Solaire and the momentous time we will have at Solaire.

For more information on Sky Solaire, you can read this news article, "Solaire Rsort and Casino Unveils Sky Solaire."

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