I am very picky when watching TV series.  I like those that can stimulate the viewers mind and let them think on what will happen as each episode ends.  Orphan Black is a series which had captured my attention and made me realize a lot of things.  It is a series where you can give a general question, “What if these things are actually happening in real life?”

Cloning, Stem Cell research, cell regeneration, genetic manipulation and other things are already a thing in science nowadays.  This is the very topic of Orphan Black, a series being show in Lifetime Asia featuring Tatiana Maslany as the lead actress.  The show airs every Monday at 9:00pm and started April 7 with the series finale, aired June 9.

The series follows the story of Sarah Manning, who discovered that she was part of a secret cloning project after she accidentally saw her look-alike jump of a train station to death.  Sarah assumes her personality as Detective Beth Childs, and from there she uncovered shocking and unbelievable things about herself.

Orphan Black is a very well scripted series.  The suspense, the storyline, the characters and the plot twists are well ordered.  You will definitely want to watch the next episode at every turn.  I was shocked many times on the turn of events with Season 1 as I did not see some of the events coming.  This is in contradiction to the usual predictable series which I have watched before, the longer the series the more predictable it gets.

Tatiana Maslany’s acting was superb and I would congratulate her for doing a very good job.  Having accomplished multiple role in the series was something that can only be achieved by not so many actresses.  Her role from a suburban girl, to a police officer, a paranoid housewife, a pro clone, a twisted clone with killer instinct and a geek cute lesbian girl was commendable.  You can distinguish each of the character and you might even think that it was not her doing all of them.

Each of the supporting character was likewise important to the story.  Felix (Jordan Gavaris) was Sarah’s confidant and was key in many of the episodes likewise the role played by Kevin Hanchard as Detective Arthur "Art" Bell also holds a key interest in the story and might be very important specially in Season 2.  Orphan Black seems to be very successful in spreading the interest of the viewers from just the main character to each of the supporting characters in the series.  This is not an easy task but the series succeeded in doing it.

What was interesting in this series is the season finale where in the issue on patenting was revealed.  In could be a real life issue once cloning was indeed 100% successful among humans or I might believe that this is already happening.  Stories like this would make us aware of what the future might look like in a world where cloning became a reality.  We might be seeing people with genetic enhancement or experimentation and actual testing in the real world with real life scenarios.

If ever this became a reality what would be your reaction to it?  Do you think cloning is good or bad?  
These might be separate issues but Orphan Black gives us a rare glance of a possible future and scientific advancement.

Orphan Black won the following already:
  • Critics' Choice Television Award 2013 - Best Actress in a Drama Seriesfor Tatiana Maslany
  • Television Critics Association Awards 2013 - Individual Achievement in Drama
  • Young Hollywood Awards 2013 - Breakthrough Performance — Female for Tatiana Maslany
  • EWwy Award 2013 - Best Actress in a Drama Series for Tatiana Maslany and Best Drama Series
  • Tubey Award 2013 - Most Underrated Show and Best New Show
  • Canadian Screen Awards 2014 - Shaw Media Award for Best Performance by an Actress in a Continuing Leading Dramatic Role for Tatiana Maslany, Shaw Media Award for Best Dramatic Series, Best Direction in a Dramatic Series and Best Photography in a Dramatic Program or Series for "Endless Forms Most Beautiful", Best Writing in a Dramatic Series for "Natural Selection", Best Picture Editing in a Dramatic Program or Series for "Unconscious Selection", Best Production Design or Art Direction in a Fiction Program or Series for "Conditions of Existence", Best Performance by an Actor in a Featured Supporting Role in a Dramatic Program or Series for Jordan Gavaris, Best Performance by an Actress in a Featured Supporting Role in a Dramatic Program or Series for Maria Doyle Kennedy, and Best Performance in a Guest Role, Dramatic Series for Natalie Lisinska
  • Gracie Award 2014 - Outstanding Female Actor in a Breakthrough Role for Tatiana Maslany
  • Peabody Awards 2014 - Peabody Award
In closing, I would give Orphan Black Season 1 5 stars and highly recommend everyone to watch it at Lifetime Asia.  Lifetime Asia is available in the Philippines via SkyCable Channel 65 (SD)/ 199 (HD) and Destiny Cable Channel  44 (Analog)/ 65 (Digital).  For show schedule and availability of Lifetime in your area you can check out their website at

Now are you ready for Season 2 when it comes to Lifetime Asia?

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