When I began writing this movie review of Enemy, my first move was to search and try to find some meaning to the movie.  I did it not because I did not understand it but rather, I want to know if in some way what I see is in some way similar to others.  I also prohibited myself from reading any spoiler from them because I want to give a review solely on my own.

ENEMY features Academy Award Nominee Jake Gyllenhaal with director, Academy Award Nominee Denis Villeneuve.  Gyllenhaal portrays a double character in this movie.  He portrays an actor named Anthony Clair and also history professor Adam Belle.   This film derives its basic plot from "The Double" by Nobel Laureate José Saramago.

CHARACTER: 9.  Jake Gyllenhaal, Mélanie Laurent and Sarah Gadon played a perfect role in this film.  Melanie played the girlfriend of Adam Belle in which he seems disinterested since their relationship was a routine with Adam being left almost everytime.  Sarah Gadon meanwhile plays the wife of actor Anthony Clair and she has a husband which is disinterested in what she likes and is ignorant of her own feelings.

The difference in the two character as well as the interaction of both were clearly shown and portrayed very well.  Gyllenhaal managed to show what each of these characters us and creates an aura of additional puzzle into the movie.

COHERENCE: 1.  Yes, I am scoring this as 1.,  The movie begins with the quote, "Chaos is merely order waiting to be deciphered."  This is your clue to the whole film and you should keep that intact otherwise you will get lost over the complexity of this film.  Complexity does not mean it is a boring movie, otherwise, it means that it is an unorthodox movie that does not follow any linear timeline or coherence.  The order and real story was not even revealed in the film and is hidden in symbols and clues.

DEPTH: 10.  This is a very in depth movie.  The movie actually explores the human subconsciousness and what happens deep inside it.  This of course is according to my own analysis of the film since for sure others would have a different interpretation.  "Enemy" in this movie seems to refer to our inner battle with our self, our own doppelganger.  It is a battle among our choices in life or what we want and what we have now.  One of the character in the movie might be the existing situation and the other is a different path which might be troubling the mind of the other.

Another interpretation of this film is that one of the characters is the past while the other is the present.  The past and the present have not been reconciled with one another does the two personalities are embattled and want to claim reality.

Nevertheless, this mind boggling and first ever film which I watched which left me hanging in the end thinking "WHAT JUST HAPPENED" has one truth for me as well, that there is no double in this film for they are one and the same person (so that is what I believed which might be right or wrong).

MUSIC: 10.  The music used add up to the hypnotizing and mystifying mode of the film.  Every sound, every music and every audio in the film are part and parcel of the symbolism that can be used to decipher the real story of this film.

VISUAL EFFECTS: 7.  The film uses minimal visual effects which includes the use of large tarantula spider over the city and the usual double person effect.

POPULARITY:  6.  I do not know how popular Enemy movie is yet but I am sure that with Jake Gyllenhall as its lead actor, this film can be popular.

RECOMMENDATION: 10.  If you want to watch a movie which is beyond the ordinary and you want to really keep on thinking about it for the rest of your life then this is the movie to watch.  Highly recommended.


ENEMY is now showing at selected SM Cinema branches nationwide.

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