SEX ED Movie Review: Haley Joel Osment's new big role

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Haley Joel Osment is a very popular actor about ten years ago specially for his roles in "The Sixth Sense" and "Pay It Forward."  The new movie "Sex Ed" gave Osment a new take in his acting career and a very challenging role to both be comedic and educational at the same time.

In our previous article we introduced what Haley Joel Osment's new movie is all about.  This time we have watched the advance screening of Sex Ed and we will try to give you what we thing about the movie.  This is our first movie review this year after a long hiatus.
Here is our SEX ED (2014) MOVIE REVIEW:

Eddie Cole discusses about things his students needs to know
CHARACTER: 10.  I would give Haley Joel Osment a perfect 10 for his role in this movie as Eddie Cole, a down on his luck teacher who lands his first teaching gig at an inner-city middle school.  He was hilarious, authentic and his role can surely be a person which people out there can relate to.  At 23 years old he is still a virgin and he believes that if he will ever lose his virginity if would be to someone very special.  All of us are hopeless romantic and we should not be ashamed of that right?

COHERENCE: 10.  Another perfect 10.  Yes, it is perfect since the story really is direct to the point and without any pragmatism in delivering its message.  It is in fact a perfect film to tell everyone that there is no harm in teaching "Sex Education" in school since it is a science that we ought to learn in order to be responsible individuals..

Apparently the student knows more
DEPTH: 7.  Although the movie delivers a great content about Sex Education, the limitation of film will always be there.  It is a movie which aims to gross at box office by injecting comedy in it and at the same time dwell on a very controversial topic.   The graphic images of STDs and the discussion about it would have been a bit longer but of course people would watch the movie because they went there to laugh.  What this movie is successful at is to get comedy to work for the film.  It makes you laugh and at the same time educates you.  Which makes Haley Joel Osment an actor of educational films which is successful in cinemas.

MUSIC:  7.  The film features mostly Cuban music since he is living in a Cuban community in the United States.  I would say this type of music is also something that is new to the audience.

VISUAL EFFECTS:  6.  Visual effects could have been used more to deliver a comedic injection to the film as well and to its educational value.  However, I understand that this film purely runs on a realistic society thus it wants something that is tangible and can relate to the real situation in the real world.

The teacher's love interest is taken
POPULARITY:  3.  Upon doing a bit of research, I found out that this film is released way back 2014 and it is just now that the Philippines will be seeing the movie in cinemas.  No wonder that a friend of mine had already seen the movie.  IMDb scores the film 5.6/10, Rotten Tomatoes gave it 64% while Metacritic gave it a devastating 34%.  Not very popular but for me this movie got my attention.

RECOMMENDATION: 10.  I would say I am disappointed that MTRCB gave it an R-18 rating that means it cannot be shown on a wider scale.  Perhaps the judgment is based on the fact that there are wide use of slangs and straight forward dialogue that of course is really happening in the real world.  Also, there are some graphic content specially during sex education class.  I wonder what are the ages of the students Haley Joel Osment is teaching?  I would say they are younger than 18 so why make the movie R-18?


Haley Joel Osment's Sex Ed is showing at selected Robinsons cinemas beginning July 22 and will hopefully be shown on other cinemas as well.  This movie  is a must see since it will give you very important lessons about life and what you must do to achieve success.  Despite being a comedy and about sex education, this new movie starring Haley Joel Osment is something that can also be shown to schools and educate students... well of course that would be a long shot.

Have you watched the movie?  Tell us what you think.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Ranneveryday // July 25, 2015 at 1:01 AM

    Nice review!

    I also watched the movie and all I can say is that your observations are really good. It's a must-watch movie but hopefully the ratings would be at least PG-16 for the younger teens to be able to watch. You can really learn a lot to this movie.

  2. CJ // February 11, 2016 at 10:20 PM

    R-18? OMG they're out of their minds. :))