Movie Review: PLASTIC, when reality gets worst

Posted by David D'Angelo | 8/26/2015 08:58:00 PM | | 1 comments »

“Would you like to watch the movie Plastic?”  That is how I asked my co-employees when I am about to watch the premiere of Plastic by Solar Pictures at Gateway Cinema 2 and their immediate reply was, “What?  What movie is that?”  I don’t know if there could have been a better title for this but I suppose the title perhaps could have been better for a good movie such as this.  It was a very good movie.

I never really know that something like this happened way back in the nineties and man these people are really very good.  They technically did it and in the end how could they possibly get away with probably defrauding so many credit card holders with millions and millions of funds?

So let's get on to the MOVIE REVIEW OF PLASTIC:

CHARACTER: 10.  I would never hesitate giving the characters a perfect 10.  Their acting were superb and they fit every single role they have.  This was an action film and yet the suspense and anticipation is at a very high level.

COHERENCE:  10.  Another perfect score here.  The story telling was good and you will really get the hang of the film,get affected with what is happening and be somewhat emotionally attached.  Each character will really be felt along the movie.

DEPTH: 9.  I could almost give this a 10 but I miss the trial.  What happened and why it turned out that way, it could not just be possibly that?  This movie has a surprising ending that would make you think and possibly try the heist too BUT THIS TIME IT IS NO LONGER THE NINETIES and security protections are way better.

MUSIC: 8.  I love the music and it blends well with the film.  Kudos to the musical director of this movie.

VISUAL EFFECTS:  8.  Although it is not an action movie we can see some good visual effects here, the good old style which makes the film really a good watch.

POPULARITY:  5.  Again like the previous movie review I have from Solar Pictures, SEX ED, this one is not very popular.  It is sad that movies like this should be the one to get a very good exposure because it gives everyone watching a moral lesson.

RECOMMENDATION: 10.  You will never ever have wasted your money if you watch this movie.  For the first time watch something that is in the reality side, learn new things and discover the fact about how you should value life and friendship.  Highly recommended.


Thanks to Solar Pictures and Solar Entertainment for inviting us to watch and review this movie.  For more details about Platic movie read this article from my other blog, "Movie Update: Plastic, it's Hustle - Heist - Repeat".

Do you have a different opinion or something to share about this movie?  Just post your comments below.

Meanwhile here is our team enjoying the movie premiere.

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