My Battle with Bell's Palsy, Work and Life

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Life cannot be a straight line.  You cannot enjoy happiness everyday for there are people that will ruin that and there are problems and hindrances that will challenge you each day.  From 2011-2013, I can say I have a challenging but stable life I think - a job, my family, a home, and someone that I love.  In fact after more than 9 years I was reunited with my kids.  Then at the middle of 2013 and then 2014 my life started to fall apart.

2013, was the end of my work at PeaceTech so I have to find a new work and I did find one but it did not last since things did not work well.  In June, the greatest challenge to my life happened and I was left broken hearted.  My personal life went in a whirlwind.

August 2013, I was employed again finally.  I did all I can but then by October 2013 things did not turn out well and on my birthday that day, I lost my job.  Worst thing is my employed did not pay me a whooping P25,000.

The worst came in December 1, 2013 when I woke up and I cannot move half of my face.  I cannot even drink and I cannot even eat.  It was Bell's Palsy and sort of a mild stroke.  Despite not having any money I have to undergo treatment so that I will be able to continue my life and have a job. However, I cannot make my treatment continuous since I cannot really pay it, I cannot look for a job since no one would hire me.  Well, I tried but no one would really hire me.

With no job and with my sickness, all that I can think of is to practically beg money and help from all the friends I know.  I would message them on Facebook, send sms to them and ask them for money so that we can eat and even pay the rent.  Many times as my kids eat, I would pretend that I am find but there were a lot of days that I would eat just once or none at all.

In May 2014, I lost everything and we were evicted from our house.  I had to agree to a loan which even at high interest I have to take or else we will end up on the streets.

I did have a hope that time because there was an event that we organized and people pledge their support.  They told me they would get sponsors but soon I realized that nothing would came and all of those were just words.  My family and I were left to figure things out on how we would live despite the situation.

Luckily, things would end up going good again.  We decided to live in a place where my ex-wife's parents were living and they helped us get through.  They practically fed us together with friends that I pester and beg to send us some money so that we can continue living.

We were still lucky because the love that I lost returned and finally on August 2014, I found a job and was hired.  Even if the job was far from my place I would take it not for me but for my family to live again.  I have to endure travel for 6 hours a day, less sleep, less time with my kids and managing a meager budget with very limited choices of food to eat.  There are still points when I will not eat or would hope that I will not be charged on the bus so that I can save money.

I cannot pay people immediately on what I owe them because otherwise my family would suffer but I never forget them because they helped me.  My life, I hope will be better and someday I would be able to repay all the goodness that had been given to us, and all the money that we ower.  For now... I just hope that people would understand the struggle that all of us went through.

Life is cruel, it is a never ending challenge but at the same time... it is beautiful.

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